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DYI Will Vs Professional Will

Let’s start this question with some questions…

If you were not a builder would you build your own home for your family to live in?

If you were not a surgeon would you operate on a loved one?

If you were not a hairdresser would you cut your own hair?

Most of us would say NO to the above questions if we want the jobs doing well.

So why then would you consider drafting your own Will?

Your Will may be the single most important legal document that needs to be prepared on your behalf. Your Will deals with many important issues like, who you leave your house for, your cash to your personal possessions to, who you want to look after your children should you die when they are little. Legal professionals train for many years and we are all still learning every day to ensure that we draft your Will to the highest of standards. We do this to ensure that problems do not arise on your death, to ensure that your wishes are effectively put in place. We have all seen poorly drafted Wills in the profession that can cause additional expense and heartbreak to put right. Legal professionals also have the best insurance cover in place to protect you and the people who benefit on your death, should any issues arise.

So really the question is:

Why would you NOT use a legal professional to draft your Will?

At Ridley & Hall we have the best people to help you put in place your Will. Our Legal Professionals are known for their approachable, compassionate and expert service.

We have adapted our services to the needs of our clients in these challenging times and we are open for business as usual. Call us now on our freephone number 0800 8 60 62 65 to arrange an appointment.

Lynsey Bashforth

Lynsey Bashforth – Partner & Solicitor



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