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Affiliated Services

Adoption Legal Centre

The team at the Adoption Legal Centre are specialists in advising both adopters and potential adopters. We can help when adopters are facing challenging problems. We advise about what they need to do and what steps they should take to obtain support and advice when they face difficult problems.

Court of Protection Legal Centre 

The Court of Protection makes decisions on behalf of people who lack the ability (mental capacity) to make decisions. The Court of Protection Legal Centre are experts in assisting people who require a decision from the court, whether it is obtaining the authority to manage a parent’s finances when they have advanced dementia or where there is a dispute between family members and the local authority as to where someone should live. These issues can be very troubling; we will listen to your problems and offer you practical guidance on how we can help.

Grandparents Legal Centre

Grandparents Legal Centre (GLC) are specialists in advising about the steps grandparents need to take to try and resolve certain difficult issues. Our specialist service has evolved from the experience of our expert lawyers working for many years at the forefront of representing grandparents across the UK to solve their legal problems. At GLC, we are proud to have a team of specialist lawyers who are able to support both grandparents and people of grandparent age with all legal issues that may occur at that stage in life.