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Category: Wills

by Ridley&Hall in Powers of Attorney, Probate & Estate Administration, Sophie Aldridge, Wills posted August 4, 2022.

One Year On – The Changes to the Probate Process

What is Probate? Probate or Letters of Administration is the legal right to deal with a person’s property, money and […]

by Ridley&Hall in Contentious probate, Inheritance & will disputes, Sarah Young, Wills posted July 21, 2022.

New wedding laws – will predatory marriages be prevented?

The Law Commission has just published far reaching recommendations to reform the law of weddings. Many of the changes are […]

by Ridley&Hall in Sarah Young, Will Disputes, Wills posted July 14, 2022.

Solicitor Disobeys the Golden Rule

A will prepared by a solicitor has been found to be invalid by the High Court, because of his failure […]

by Ridley&Hall in Gareth Jones, Inheritance & will disputes, Probate & Estate Administration, Wills posted February 28, 2022.

Giving Well

A new report released by the Resolution Foundation think tank, as reported by the Daily Telegraph,  suggests that baby boomer […]

by Ridley&Hall in Inheritance Tax, Sarah Young, Wills posted November 11, 2021.

Inheritance Tax and Will Disputes

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) expects twice as many estates to be paying inheritance tax (IHT) by 2026. To […]

Mental Capacity and Wills; is the law out of date?

An appeal to the High Court reported in the Daily Mail on 29th March 2021 has brought attention to a […]

by Ridley&Hall in Contentious probate, Sarah Young, Trust disputes, Will Disputes, Wills posted January 19, 2021.

Court Decision on Forged Wills; Bad News for Fraudsters

A Judge has made a startling finding in a case about a forged Will which could lead to many more […]

by Ridley&Hall in Helen Webster, Powers of Attorney, Probate & Estate Administration, Wills posted January 6, 2021.

What Will 2021 bring?!

At the start of every new year at Ridley & Hall, we take the opportunity to advise you of the […]

Problematic Personal Representatives – Executors who aren’t doing their job

Being an executor of someone’s will comes with a lot more responsibility than many people think. From administering an estate […]

It’s a Fake Will; Undue Influence and Wills

A challenge to the validity of a will is often accompanied by a deep sense of moral outrage. That was […]



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