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5 Top Tips for Juniors in the Legal Profession

by Ridley & Hall in Newsletter, Sophie Aldridge posted March 26, 2024.
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As a Trainee Solicitor at Ridley & Hall, I now approach the end of 7 years of studies (not that I am counting down the days!), together with the half-way mark for my Training Contract.

I therefore thought I would share my ‘5 Top Tips’ for juniors in the Legal profession:

  1. If you don’t know, ask!

If you are unsure about a task or have been asked a question you do not know the answer to yet, just ask! We all have to start somewhere, and everyone is constantly learning new things, not just you. Your colleagues around you would rather support you and ensure you are able to complete the task to the best of your ability, than watch you struggle, or have to fix a mistake later on. Do not be afraid to communicate your limits and your needs with colleagues, reach out to those around you!

  1. Set yourself realistic goals.

As someone who constantly feels a pressure to not just succeed, but excel in everything I do, I understand self-imposed pressure! Many juniors in the legal profession face the same struggles, negatively affecting on their mental health and home lives. Set yourself achievable goals and break down tasks on a ‘To Do List’. This helps you to manage workload and keep track of the goals you have achieved (I love the feeling of ticking off a task from my list!). This will also help you to fill in your Training Log each week.

  1. Take regular breaks.

I often feel like I need 5 minutes away from my desk, either to get some fresh air or chat to a colleague. This will help you to focus when at your desk and produce better quality work, but also build connections with others in your office.

  1. Socialise and make friends.

I soon realised as someone studying Law that those around you experiencing similar things with similar goals, can be your most valuable support network…and you often need them! I have been lucky to meet the most amazing study buddies and have made friends for life during my time at University. I have also met some fellow trainees that have been able to offer extremely valuable advice when needed. Having those people around you to support you, in whatever it is you may be doing or just to check in on you, is your wealth!

  1. Enjoy it!

I enjoy learning new things and being able to experience new things, often those things outside of my comfort zone as this gives me a sense of purpose and achievement. Embrace these experiences, as these are what will develop your character and give you the skills you need to thrive when you qualify!

Sophie Aldridge

Sophie Aldridge – Trainee Solicitor




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