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Adoption can be a wonderful and rewarding experience when it works well but occasionally it can go wrong. Ridley & Hall offers specialist advice on various issues relating to adoption. Our Adoption team can advise on an adoption breakdown, adoption support, adoption allowances and adoption applications. This could include applications from foster-carers, step-parents and prospective adopters.

Our team can also provide advice on how to protect your adoptive child’s inheritance should anything happen to you, before your child reaches 18 years old. We can advise you on the legal options available to you.

Adoption Breakdown

Adoption can be very satisfying for families that adopt. It can give a child the stability and care that sadly has not always been available.

The majority of children who are now placed for adoption are placed after they have been made the subject of a placement order in care proceedings. Some of these children carry emotional baggage that comes from the difficult start they have had to their life.

Some adoptive parents face challenges that they had not expected. Children, for example with attachment problems can place an enormous strain on a placement. Our Adoption Team understands the difficulties and challenges that adoptive parents can face. We can advise you on the options available to you. This could involve obtaining the appropriate support or requesting that your child is accommodated by the Local Authority.

In some situations, a child being accommodated can lead to the Local Authority issuing what is known as care proceedings. We represent adoptive parents within those proceedings. If you would like further information on care proceedings please take a look at care proceedings.

Adoption Breakdown

Adoption Support

We understand that not all adoptions are straightforward.

When a child has been placed for adoption they have usually been subjected to early life trauma, before being placed with prospective adopters. In some situations adoptive children require appropriate support throughout their childhood to address their needs. If you or your child are not receiving support from either your Local Authority or your Adoption Agency, then we can advise you on this.

We can advise on financial as well as practical support available to adoptive parents and their family.

Adoption Applications

Our Adoption Team provides advice to clients on the various routes to an Adoption Order.

If a child has been placed with you for the purposes of adoption, then we can guide you through the adoption proceedings. When an adoption application is made, the Court will send a copy to the birth parents. If the birth parents wish to oppose the Adoption Order, then they must first seek permission from the Court. We can advise you on this process and represent you within those proceedings.

We also provide advice to foster carers who are considering applying to adopt the child they are currently fostering.

If you would like to adopt your partner’s children, then we can help you with this. Please see our case study below for information on this process.

Case Studies

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