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Category: Victoria Jones

by Ridley&Hall in Family & Matrimonial, Uncategorized, Victoria Jones posted February 12, 2021.

How to act puuurrrrfectly in Court: Dos and Don’ts

The Ridley & Hall Family Team WhatsApp group has been brilliant this week. Have you seen the video on social […]

by Ridley&Hall in Family & Matrimonial, Victoria Jones posted December 17, 2020.

Legal aid: Who qualifies and how can you apply?

2012 was the year for Family practitioners where their heart sank. Following the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and […]

Why You Really, Really Should Be Using a Solicitor

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our lives, and in particular on our livelihoods. Jobs have been lost, and […]

by Ridley&Hall in Divorce, Domestic Violence, Family & Matrimonial, Victoria Jones posted April 1, 2020.

Help for Victims of Domestic Violence During Lockdown

With the UK under lockdown, many of us are left worried about job security, paying our bills and even whether […]

by Ridley&Hall in Children, Family & Matrimonial, Victoria Jones posted March 24, 2020.

Separated parents: top tips to get through the coronavirus pandemic

You wouldn’t be alone if you were left confused by Michael Gove’s statement today on Good Morning Britain. Within minutes, […]



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