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Category: Hilary Sisson

Massive hike in Probate fees

Despite overwhelming opposition from lawyers and other sectors the government is pushing ahead with a new fee structure for probate […]

Celebrating more than just Christmas at Ridley & Hall

Ridley & Hall are extremely proud to announce that two of its members of the Private Client department have just […]

We Remembered Them… and hope we did them proud

In order to commemorate Remembrance Day this year, Ridley & Hall chose to help and support veterans, currently serving members […]

The Trips and Traps of DIY Probate

With the UK economy still being far from flourishing, virtually everyone is looking to save money, with legal services being […]

‘What’ on Earth are Testamentary Dispositions?!

When making a Will you need to consider the 4 Ws – ‘Who, What, Why and When’. Hilary Sisson, Paralegal […]

When Should You Review Your Will?

It is always important to have a Will but it is equally important to review your Will. At Ridley & […]

New Year, New Will (and Don’t Forget Your LPA!)

So the decorations are down, the diets have started (and possibly finished!) and your New Year’s resolutions have been made. […]

One in Three British People Born in 2015 ‘Will Develop Dementia’

Today, on World Alzheimers Day, a stark message by the Alzheimer’s Research UK charity has been published in the newspapers […]

Protecting Your Facebook Profile on Death

It can be difficult to manage digital assets following the death of the owner. It is a relatively new phenomenon […]

New Rules on Cross-border Inheritance: What You Need to Know

New rules on cross-border inheritance came into effect on 17th August 2015. Whilst the intention of the new rules is […]



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