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Category: Elderly Abuse

by Ridley&Hall in Elderly Abuse, Financial Abuse, James Urquhart-Burton, Samantha Hirst, Sarah Young posted June 24, 2020.

When can a property transfer be set aside?

The transfer of all or part of an interest in a property is a hugely important issue as for many […]

by Ridley&Hall in Elderly Abuse, Financial Abuse, Sarah Young posted May 16, 2019.

Don’t give it away for a song; Undue Influence in lifetime transfers

The recently reported case of Moursi v Doherty  demonstrates the vulnerability of an elderly person living alone to financial abuse […]

by Ridley&Hall in Daxa Patel, Elderly Abuse, Ridley & Hall Solicitors posted June 15, 2018.

It’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day! Why do we need to mark this day?

Just imagine how you would feel if someone you love dearly is being abused? Just imagine! Why do we need […]

Dispelling the myths of the Court of Protection

It’s a fair assumption that unless you’ve been involved in a case in the Court of Protection, you may never […]

Attorney Steals £30,000 from 95 year old Living with Dementia

In a recent judgment, a court has found that a 95 year old woman from Oldham with dementia was the […]

Animal Charities Celebrate Historic Decision

An inheritance dispute decided in the Court of Appeal on 9th June means that 7 animal welfare charities will receive […]

by Ridley&Hall in Contentious probate, Elderly Abuse, Sarah Young posted June 13, 2014.

Financial Abuse and the Care Act 2014 – Does Anyone Care?

On 14th May 2014 the Care Act received royal assent.  The Act is designed to reform the law relating to […]

by Ridley&Hall in Elderly Abuse, Sarah Young posted October 11, 2013.

Steep Rise in Elderly Abuse and Neglect Allegations

In the last year there has been a 28.4% increase in alerts made to councils about abuse of older people.  […]



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